New Trailer For The Legend Of Hercules Has Been Unveiled



Kay Ziegler
Staff Writer

Mythology fans rejoice! A new trailer for The Legend of Herculeshas been released.

The video charts the story of Kellan Lutz’s mythical hero in the Renny Harlin-directed Summit Entertainment movie. From the epic promo, it looks like it will be fill of action and romance.

In this retelling of the myths, we follow Hercules before he was a demigod. We will see his life as a man who is betrayed by his king. The man will have his lover stolen from him just before being exiled to Egypt. As a slave, Hercules must come to terms with is heritage. If he can, his pent-up abilities can help him bring justice to the world as well as allow him to seek revenge against his enemy.

Staring  Scott Adkins, Gaia Weiss, Liam McIntyre and a host of others, the film will first air in the UK…

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Eagles Playoff Possibilities


CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles could have made things easy on themselves by winning, as they were expected to, in Minnesota on Sunday. Thankfully, the Cowboys also decided to make things more difficult on themselves by blowing a 26-3 lead to the Packers, and losing as well.

The simple reality is that both teams share the same “win and in” playoff scenarios. If either the Cowboys or Eagles win both of their remaining games, they will win the NFC East.

Here are the possibilities:

Eagles beat the Bears, Cowboys beat Washington

In this case, the winner of the Eagles Cowboys game in week 17 will win the NFC East. Even though the Eagles will come in to the game ahead by one game in the standings, the Cowboys will own the tiebreakers, so a tied record means the Cowboys win the division.

Eagles beat the Bears, Cowboys lose to Washington

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